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Southwest Houston


The desirable Houston neighborhood of Sharpstown enjoys a sense of peace and quiet, as well as close ties between neighbors. All of the city’s best amenities — including restaurants, malls, hospitals, and schools — are available within minutes. 

In fact, the neighborhood is located just a short distance from Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest group of medical facilities. 

The city has been steadily on the rise over the past several decades and now attracts young families and recent college graduates with its excellent employment options and exciting nightlife.  


Located beside Loop 610 to the west, Meyerland has remained one of Houston’s most popular residential neighborhoods for decades. Enjoy close proximity to some of the largest employment hubs in the city, including the Galleria, a neighborhood that features more than 23 million square feet of functional office space, in addition to its expansive retail shopping areas. 

Meyerland residents can reach Houston’s best bars, restaurants, and schools within minutes using nearby anchors like Loop 610, Beechnut Street, and Chimney Rock Road.  

Brays Oaks

Brays Oaks is a charming residential neighborhood that attracts Houston residents with its excellent accessibility as well as its many amenities. 

With a total of 11 public parks that collectively provide 421 acres of scenic green, Brays Oaks has a distinctive natural feel that helps residents feel more connected to the great outdoors, offering plenty of opportunity to walk, hike, bike, and picnic. 

Real estate in Brays Oaks is extremely diverse, featuring a wide array of family homes and rental properties available throughout the region.

Sugar Land

Sugar Land is an affluent and luxurious Houston neighborhood that has been named as one of the best cities in Texas for business by publications like Outlook Magazine and Texas Business. Additionally, Forbes considers Sugar Land to be one of Houston’s best suburbs. 

The neighborhood has seen significant growth in the past several decades, and the increased access to desirable amenities has attracted new residents of all ages and lifestyles. 

Sugar Land’s locals enjoy its sense of removal from the city center, but Downtown Houston can also easily be reached in just a few minutes.


Stafford is a unique and distinctive neighborhood that lies roughly 18 miles from the center of Houston. Though many of Stafford’s residents enjoy the neighborhood for its peace and quiet, the bustling downtown area can easily be reached when you need to travel in for work or simply find some entertainment! 

However, many Stafford locals have their work and play in one convenient place, as there are a total of 15 business parks located right in the neighborhood, in addition to its many restaurants, shops, and bars.


Richmond is a well-loved Houston neighborhood, particularly for its wide variety of housing. Whether you’re looking for a vintage family home with decades of charm, a new luxury townhome or condo, or even a custom home to fit your family’s exact needs, Richmond has it all. 

From the waterfront to the hills to the city-side avenue, Richmond has a little of everything. Families enjoy easy access to high-quality schools in Richmond. You’ll also find that the neighborhood caters well to outdoorsy folks, with local spots like Richmond City Park and Fort Bend Country Club.


Though Rosenberg offers a distinctive identity and culture of its own, it still maintains close ties to Houston by way of major thoroughfares like U.S. Route 90 and I-69. 

The neighborhood is expansive, featuring a wide variety of housing options, including scenic estates along the Brazos River, luxurious townhomes with incredible built-in amenities, and single-family homes along tree-lined residential streets that boast an undeniable sense of community closeness. 

Best of all, Downtown Houston can be reached with a short drive, though the neighborhood itself boasts plenty of delicious restaurants, stylish shopping centers, and many other opportunities for entertainment.  

Missouri City

Missouri City is a quaint, close-knit community nestled 20 miles southwest of Houston’s downtown area. With easy access to several major thoroughfares, including Highway 6 and Beltway 8, traveling around the neighborhood and reaching other parts of Houston is easy and quick. 

Several excellent schools are available in the immediate area, overseen by Fort Bend ISD. Avid golfers will feel right at home in Missouri City, as the neighborhood is considered to be one of Houston’s best communities for golf courses.

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