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Southeast Houston/Bay Area

League City

League City is a charming Houston neighborhood located close to many of the city’s most significant employers; therefore, it’s no surprise that NerdWallet has called League City one of the best cities in Texas for people currently taking the next step in their careers. 

With easy access to a variety of public schools overseen by Clear Creek ISD, Dickinson ISD, and Santa Fe ISD, League City families can take their pick of high-quality educational institutions in the immediate area.    

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is one of Houston’s best neighborhoods for families. Anchored by the Gulf Freeway and located just a few minutes from Sam Houston Parkway, it’s easy for Clear Lake residents to get around the city and access all of Houston’s best amenities, all while maintaining a pleasant distance from the busy city center, as it is just 22 miles from Downtown. 

The neighborhood features a wide variety of residential styles, including single-family homes, luxury condos and townhomes, and gated communities.     


As its name would suggest, Friendswood is a welcoming neighborhood with a distinct sense of sleepy charm. Originally founded by the Quakers in 1895, the community atmosphere in Friendswood is unmatched by nearly any other Houston neighborhood. This makes it a great place for young families to raise children and develop close relationships with neighbors. 

Friendswood maintains its insular feel while maintaining close connections with the city’s best shopping centers, eateries, jobs, and schools.  


Nestled along the western shores of Trinity Bay, Seabrook has a distinct oceanside atmosphere and a wide variety of affordable and luxury housing options. This makes it one of Houston’s most desirable neighborhoods. 

With family homes of all sizes, as well as condos, townhomes, and apartments available throughout the neighborhood, there’s something to fit every lifestyle and budget in Seabrook, all while maintaining an extremely high standard of living. 

As an added bonus, nearby U.S. Highway 146 allows Seabrook residents to travel around Houston and the surrounding areas with ease.


Located just northwest of the luxurious residential neighborhood of League City, Webster offers a similarly high-quality lifestyle with plentiful housing options and architecture styles. 

Webster lies just minutes from Nassau Bay and Clear Lake, which can provide an easy day of family fun in the sun with some hiking, mountain biking, swimming, or kayaking. 

Residents truly enjoy the sense of peace and removal from the city center that Webster living provides. However, Downtown Houston can be reached within a short drive if need be, and the nearby Gulf Freeway helps to keep Webster residents connected.  


Often called the Gateway to the Bay, Kemah offers a wide variety of housing options, including scenic waterfront properties, single-family starter homes, luxury condos and townhomes, and affordable apartments, all with easy access to the neighborhood’s best amenities. 

Grab a bite to eat, do some shopping, take in a movie in Kemah’s central area, or simply travel into Downtown Houston within a few minutes’ drive. 

Bayport Boulevard is Kemah’s main thoroughfare, allowing residents to reach different regions of the neighborhood and Houston at large with ease.   


Alvin is a great neighborhood for Houston residents who enjoy having easy access to all the benefits of city life, but prefer to have their homes in a quieter, more community-centered area. 

Families and potential homeowners of all ages and lifestyles can find the perfect home in Alvin, be it a single-family home, a luxurious rental property, or a custom home built to satisfy their wildest dreams. 

Alvin features plenty of delicious eateries, shopping areas, and job opportunities of its own, but Downtown Houston is also just a hop, skip, and a jump away.     


Pearland is an expansive residential neighborhood nestled below Sam Houston Tollway and anchored by U.S. Highways 288 and 35. With such close access to major Houston thoroughfares such as these, it’s no wonder why Pearland residents describe the neighborhood’s accessibility as one of their favorite attributes. 

Homes in Pearland range greatly in size, home type, and price, making a happy existence in Pearland possible for Houston residents of all ages, incomes, and lifestyles.

Deer Park

Nestled in Houston’s eastern outskirts, Deer Park is a close-knit community that offers an extremely high standard of living to its residents, as well as a distinctive sense of welcome and friendliness to visitors. 

It’s easy to access the many amenities that Houston has to offer by using the Pasadena Freeway, which lies on the neighborhood’s northern border, and the Sam Houston Tollway, which lies minutes to the west. 

However, locals don’t have to travel downtown to find a delicious bite to eat or a fun day out with family and friends.  


Pasadena is one of Houston’s largest and most vibrant neighborhoods. Located southeast of the downtown area, Pasadena features a distinctive personality along with a huge variety of housing options. 

Here, you’ll find plenty of entertainment and opportunities for employment. But if you’re looking for a home that’s a bit closer to nature, the neighborhood includes several family homes near the Armand Bayou Nature Center, providing locals with spectacular views and lush greenery year-round. 

Want to live more city-side? You’re bound to find the perfect home among northern Pasadena’s charming family homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments, all with easy access to shops, restaurants, and excellent schools.


The scenic views of Galveston Bay and easy access to all of the recreational activities the water has to offer are just two of the reasons why La Porte is one of Houston’s most popular suburbs. 

As Harris County’s fourth-largest city, La Porte is distinctive in its own right while still maintaining extremely close ties to Houston and its downtown area. 

La Porte’s prime location along the Pasadena Freeway and Texas Highway 146 makes it easy for locals to reach Houston workplaces, shopping centers, restaurants, and schools.  

Morgan’s Point

Among the neighborhoods nestled along Galveston Bay’s shores, Morgan’s Point is one of the most popular for its wide variety of housing options, all while being removed from the hustle and bustle of the other coastal communities. 

Texas Highway 146 is minutes from Morgan’s Point, making it easy for locals to reach Downtown Houston’s best amenities and travel to other areas of Galveston Bay. Find your perfect home along the scenic shores of Morgan’s Point.  

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