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North/Northwest Houston

The Woodlands

As you may have guessed by its name, The Woodlands is one of Houston’s most nature-friendly communities, with trees lining the avenues, 130 public parks, and a local nature preserve of over 1,700 acres. 

An excellent hike, family picnic, or mountain biking session is never far away in The Woodlands, not to mention the breathtaking natural views from the neighborhood’s charming family homes and condos. 

Though locals can access all the amenities they could ever need right in The Woodlands, central Houston is only 27 miles away.


Located around 24 miles from the center of Houston, Spring is a community-centered neighborhood with a wide variety of housing options available, including single-family homes, large estates, and luxury condos and townhomes. 

Some of Houston’s most significant employment hubs are available within minutes of Spring, but all of the amenities of Downtown Houston can also be reached nearby. 

Lot sizes and home prices vary greatly throughout Spring, which makes it possible for new residents of all lifestyles and income levels to find their place in the neighborhood.  

Spring Branch

Though Spring Branch offers many desirable amenities and perks to its residents. Some of the best are its hiking trails and public parks. 

Spring Branch provides easy access to some of Houston’s best hikes, as well as some of the city’s loveliest natural areas, where families can find all kinds of opportunities for outdoor recreation. 

The real estate market in Spring Branch is very diverse, with family homes starting below $150,000 and ranging into the millions, depending on size and location.


Though Tomball has always been a solid Houston suburb, the neighborhood is steadily growing in popularity. Young families are often drawn to Tomball because of its easy access to high-quality schools, as well as its safe and secure gated communities like Saddlebrook Estates and Huntington Woods. 

Potential homeowners in search of a large lot on which to spread out and build their dream home will love the wide variety of real estate options in Tomball.


Though Cypress began as a largely rural area, the neighborhood has blossomed into one of Houston’s most desirable suburbs. 

Cypress is anchored by Northwest Freeway, which provides residents with easy access to Downtown Houston and all of the amenities and employment opportunities it has to offer. 

However, Cypress itself is home to shopping centers, public parks, golf courses, and delicious eateries. Whether you’re in the market for a sprawling estate, a single-family home, or something in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Cypress.

Jersey Village

Nestled within Houston’s northwestern region, Jersey Village is an insular neighborhood with a culture and personality all its own! 

Residents love the easy access to Downtown Houston and the Energy Corridor, which both offer a huge variety of employment opportunities. You’ll also find desirable amenities, like parks, restaurants, and bars. 

Homeowners love the absence of lofty homeowner’s association dues, as Jersey Village is an incorporated city. Families feel safe and secure here, too, thanks to Jersey Village’s dedicated fire and police departments.  

Magnolia Park

Bordered on its northeastern edge by Buffalo Bayou, Magnolia Park is an expansive and varied Houston neighborhood with numerous housing options available. 

With family homes starting as low as $120,000 and ranging into the millions, it’s easy to find the right Magnolia Park home for you based on your specific needs. 

Locals love the easy access to Mason Park, an expansive public park near the neighborhood’s southern edge that provides hours of fun for the whole family.   


Klein is a Houston neighborhood that truly has it all—sprawling rural properties with plenty of room to roam, quaint family homes on tree-lined avenues, large estates on expansive city-side lots, and luxurious townhomes and condos with excellent amenities and perks. 

Cut through by Texas Highway 99, accessing Downtown Houston is easy within a short distance. However, popular amenities such as public parks, excellent K-12 schools, restaurants, and malls are also available throughout the neighborhood for locals to enjoy.

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is a scenic lakeside neighborhood that has been steadily on the rise for years. With a wide variety of distinctive communities nestled together within Lake Conroe, the neighborhood is dedicated to supporting its families with close-knit community ties, excellent public amenities, and schools. 

Find your perfect home on the waterfront in any one of Lake Conroe’s exclusive residential communities, whether you choose a single-family home, large estate, or a perfect rental property.

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