How We Work

How We Work

What makes us different from a typical brokerage?

Buffalo Bayou Realty operates on a model that’s different than typical brokerages who charge a percentage of the sale price of the home, typically 6% in the Houston area. Instead of basing how much we make on the value of your home, we charge $5,000 flat-fee for Listings and offer Buyer Rebates up to $22,000. And since our Lead Agents don’t rely on a commission for their paycheck, they can concentrate on what’s most important – providing exceptional customer service for every client.

Take a look at our Sample Transaction below. Using $500,000 for the sales price & a typical 6% commission, our fees save the Seller $10,000 and would provide a rebate to a Buyer of $10,000 based on our standard model.

Sample Transaction showcasing savings from using Savings that can be had by using BBR's Flat Fee Realty Services
Our Flat Fee Realty Services Result in Substantial Client Savings

Why do we offer Flat-fee Listings and Buyer Rebates?

We’re glad you asked! At Buffalo Bayou Realty, we believe that Buyers and Sellers deserve to receive the same level of service, no matter what the sale price is for the home they buy or sell.

The median home price inside Houston’s 610 loop is estimated to be around $520,000. Whether above or below that number, agents are typically paid a percentage of the sales price, usually 3% for each side of the transaction. That means for a more expensive house, the agents get paid more money. And for a less expensive house, they get paid less.

What’s important to note is that it takes no more or less work from the agent to sell a more expensive home over a less expensive home. It’s the same process, either way. So what really makes a difference is the level of service you get from an agent.

If you buy a home under a typical commission structure, it is possible you might not get the same level of service as someone who purchases a more expensive home. That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? We agree, and we think there’s a better way.

How are we able to offer such a big discount over typical brokerages?

One way we’re able to do what we do is to have a team of people working for every client, so that everyone gets the same great level of service for the same price. We also work within a target market that we know very well, which keeps our agents focused on providing excellent service with our clients, rather than driving all around the Houston metropolitan area.

And because we only work with serious Buyers and Sellers, we’re able to keep our costs low and pass those savings on to you.

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