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Buyer FAQ

How can a rebate be used?

There are many ways to use a rebate, and a lot depends on the type of loan, closing costs, lender requirements, etc. The best way to find out how your rebate can be used is to give us a call us at 832-698-9227 and let us ask a few questions.

How much of a rebate will I get?

The amount of your rebate will basically depend on 2 things: the sale price of the home, and how much the other agent is offering for a Buyer’s Agent commission. So, each of our clients has a different rebate amount.

What am I NOT getting for using a Flat Fee REALTOR® to help me buy a house?

The number of showings in our Buyer Level 1 program is limited to 8, though you can add more for an additional fee of $25 per home. All of our other services to Buyers are comparable with typical full-price brokerages.

Why do you limit showings to only 8 houses?

In order to keep our costs to our clients low, we spend more time up front with you on your search criteria so we have a shortlist of homes that are in your price range, in the area where you want to live, that meet as many of your needs and wants as possible. In our experience, it rarely takes 8 showings for a home buyer (who knows what they want and can afford) to find the home they ultimately purchase.

I want to see more than 8 houses…will you show me more?

We will show you as many houses as you want! However, there will be a charge for each showing in addition to the 8 showings included in our Level 1 Buyer program.

I’m not ready to buy a home, but I want to tour some and see if I like the area. Will you help me tour homes before I get pre-approved and sign an agreement?

We’ve found the best way to be able to keep our costs low and pass those savings onto our clients is by only working with clients who are ready to buy and know what they want. We encourage you to get to know the areas you might want to live in as much as possible by driving around, eating at the restaurants nearby, and checking out the home prices on our website and many other online resources. When you’re ready, we’ll be here for you.

What if I go under contract, but it falls through? Do I still get a rebate if I buy a different house?

If a contract falls through you can still get a rebate up to 1%, depending on the price of the home. For further details, please give us a call or text at 832-698-9227 during regular business hours, or email us at Meagan@BuffaloBayouRealty.com.

What if I have more Flat Fee REALTOR® Questions?

That’s great! We would love the opportunity to chat and answer any questions you have. Feel free to utilize our “Chat with an agent” button to talk to an agent during regular business hours, email us at Meagan@BuffaloBayouRealty.com or give us a call or text at 832-698-9227. Or, just click the button below to get started on your home buying journey with Buffalo Bayou Realty!

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