How We Work with Buyers

How We Work with Buyers

We Want to Help You Save Money

The phrases some agents use when talking to Buyers is that they work “at no cost to them” and that “the Seller pays the Buyer Agent’s commission.” That is over simplifying at best, and misleading at worst. Since Broker’s fees are already built into the home’s asking price, the Buyer is paying for everything because they’re bringing the money.

In fact, if a Buyer is financing their home purchase, in most cases they’re also financing the agent commissions. We want you to get some of that money back, which is why we offer a rebate to our Buyer clients. With our Buyer Rebate Programs, a good portion of that money goes back to you for you to use as you see fit.*

Our Buyers pay nothing up front, and get up to $22,000 in rebates!

Actual Savings for BBR Clients

Rice Military

rice military real estate

Rebate $10,900

Sunset Heights

sunset heights real estate

Rebate $11,005

River Oaks

river oaks real estate

Rebate $22,500

Rice Military

rice military real estate

Rebate $8,750

Rice Military

rice military real estate

Rebate $6,295


east downtown real estate

Rebate $6,630

What kind of Buyer are you?

We offer two programs for Buyers, tailored to your needs:


LEVEL 1 – $5,000: The best option for folks who haven’t found their dream home yet, but are serious about buying. Our Level 1 clients know what they want to buy in the Houston area in and around the 610 Loop, know their buying power, and are ready to find their next home. For more detailed information about what’s included in our Buyer Level 1 package click here.


LEVEL 2 – $4,000: Is real estate buying and selling old hat to you? Cool! You’ll save even more money with our Level 2 program for Buyers. For more detailed information about what’s included in our Buyer Level 2 package click here.

9 Steps to Buying a Home with Us

Talk to a Lender

Before you start looking for a home, find out how much you can borrow and how much you need for a down payment. Online calculators are a great start, but only a lender will be able to give you real numbers. Need a lender? Our  Buyer Resources page has a few, or you can call your bank or financial advisor. The important thing is to talk to someone first.

Start looking for your new home!

Contact us with your wish list of what you want in a home and we’ll set up a customized search for you. When homes that meet your criteria come on the market, you’ll be the first to know with automatic email notifications. When you know where you want to buy and how much you want to spend…

Hire Buffalo Bayou Realty

Send us your pre-approval letter, and sign our Buyer Representation Agreement & Statement of Understanding. Once we have those, we can move on to the next step in your home buying journey!

Tour properties and go to Open Houses

Set up a home tour with your agent at Buffalo Bayou Realty to find your new house! Open Houses are a great source for you to find a new home, too.

Make an offer!

Once you’ve chosen the home you want to buy, Buffalo Bayou Realty will prepare your offer and submit it to the Listing Agent. Your agent at Buffalo Bayou Realty will negotiate on your behalf until you and the Seller come to an agreement.

You’re under contract!

Now is the time to deposit Earnest Money, your Option Fee, and get your inspections.

Inspections & resolutions

Sometimes an inspection might reveal something about the house that needs addressed by the Seller before closing. Your inspector will point anything of concern out during your inspection. We’ll present any issues to the Seller and work to resolve them before moving forward with the sale.

Lending, title work, and final preparations

From contract to your closing date, the title company will be working to get all of your documents in order. A survey may need to be ordered, there will be an appraisal if you’re getting financing from a lender, and making sure the property is able to be legally transferred from the Seller to you. There’s a lot going on, and Buffalo Bayou Realty will keep you informed every step of the way.

Closing & FUNding!

All the paperwork is ready to sign, the money is in the bank, and all that’s needed is your signature. Once closing is complete, you’ll get the keys to your new home and you can start moving in right away! Congratulations, Homeowner! You rock!

Ready to buy with BBR?

Buyers who work with us can get up to $22,000 in rebates! Call us at 832-698-9227 to learn more, or chat with us online.

Or, click the button below and we’ll start the process to getting you on your home buying journey!

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